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Watch UFC reporter Laura Sanko catch a DWCS 8 winner almost say he punched like a girl … oops!



The most awkward, yet hilarious, moment of the first season of Dana White’s Contender Series happened during the finale Tuesday night.

Moments after Bevon Lewis TKO’d Elias Urbina, he was interviewed by backstage reporter Laura Sanko – a former Invicta FC fighter, in case you didn’t know. She asked Lewis about the punch that dropped Urbina and led to the finish, and when Lewis started down the path of explaining that he used to punch like a girl, Sanko put him on the spot.

Sanko: “Did you know that that right hand would be there coming into this fight?”

Lewis: “Yeah, with southpaws you definitely know the right hand’s gonna be there, and I was working on ground-and-pound, because I feel like I used to punch like a … I used to punch like a …”


Lewis: “I used to punch really light.”

Sanko: “You almost said a girl, didn’t you?”

Lewis: “No, no, no, no. I used to punch like a toddler. I used to punch like a toddler, and my brother used to make fun of it. So I said, ‘Hey, let’s do it. Let’s work on this ground-and-pound.’”


Nice try, Bevin Lewis, but Laura Sanko got you.

Check out the “oops” moment in the video above.

And for more on DWCS 8, check out the MMA Events section of the site.

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