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Watch Cool, Calm And Collected Nate Diaz Interview With Extra TV



It’s great to see Nate Diaz getting some mainstream media attention since his massive win over Conor McGregor at UFC 196 last weekend, and judging by this new interview with Extra TV the Stockton native is having fun with his new found fame.

The interview took place Universal Studios Hollywood, and with an audience behind him that included teens, moms and dads which seems about as far removed from Diaz’s comfort zone as you could possible get, yet he went with the flow, avoided dropping any F-Bombs and even had a big smile on his face at times as he answered questions about his big win, his beef with Justin Beiber and what comes next.

There’s good reason for him to be happy too as he’s just become a rich man, with Dana White confirming that Diaz made well over a million dollars against McGregor, with his $500,000 basic salary for the short notice fight and $100,000 in bonuses supplemented by a cut of the whopping 1.5 million pay-per-view buys that the event is reported to have produced.

Check out the interview below.

Oh, and if you like your Nate Diaz a little more gangster, then this new ‘I’m Not Surprised’ remix will undoubtedly make your day…

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