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UFC's Jake Ellenberger finds out the hard way: Kids throw the darnedest things



As a career fighter, Jake Ellenberger has taken all kinds of bumps and bruises, breaks and cuts.

But earlier this week, he found out being a dad comes with its share of injuries, as well. Ellenberger (31-13 MMA, 10-9 UFC), a longtime UFC welterweight, posted on his Instagram account that he was headed to the emergency room for an eye injury – and not from an errant finger or precise punch.

Ellenberger took an iPad Mini to the face when he said his son threw it. The veteran fighter went so far as to say he thought he “was going to lose an eye.”

Just a month ago, he was posting happier pictures of himself with his son. And it stands to reason future photos will be taken when that iPad Mini and other hurlable objects are out of reach.

Ellenberger has not yet provided an update of just what the doctors told him at the emergency room. He does not currently have a fight scheduled.

For more on the UFC’s upcoming schedule, check out the UFC Rumors section of the site.

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