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The Speed Bag: A Chuck Liddell UFC comeback is just the logical conclusion, isn't it?



This was inevitable, and you knew it would happen all along.

Seven years removed from his last fight — a brutal knockout loss, by the way — here we are talking about 47-year-old Chuck Liddell possibly coming back to fight in the UFC.

Can you believe it? You should.

All it took was a couple of Instagram posts of Liddell appearing to be in incredible shape to get the ball rolling. Then his longtime trainer, John Hackleman, put the icing on the cake when he said a comeback would simply depend on the money and opponent.

Add to that the UFC ending jobs specifically tailored for retired fighters, Bellator’s approach to promoting long-time veteran fighters, and here we are right where UFC President Dana White said he didn’t want to be.

We should’ve seen this coming.

Check out the video above for more thoughts on Liddell’s possible comeback.

And for more on the UFC’s upcoming schedule, visit the UFC Rumors section of the site.

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