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Olympian and Bellator veteran Alexis Vila accused of murder



The Miami murder tale that includes two MMA fighters, a promoter, and a supermarket magnate.

Camilo Salazar was murdered in 2011. His body was discovered on a dirt road outside of the Florida everglades. His hands had been bound behind his back. He was beaten, his throat was slit and his genitals had been set on fire.

In 2018 Alexi Vila, a former Olympian and Bellator tournament finalist, was charged with his murder. Police in Miami-Dade county allege that Vila was involved in a murder plot, along with fellow MMA fighter Ariel Gandulla and promoter/trainer Roberto Isaacs, at the behest of Manuel Marin; the founder of the Presidente supermarket chain.

It is alleged that Marin wanted Salazar dead because of a love triangle involving Marin’s wife.

This isn’t Vila’s first encounter with the police. Vila spent three years in prison after crashing his car into Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in 2004. He was originally charged with terrorism offenses, but Vila claimed the incident was an accident brought on by heavy drinking and a recent diagnosis of clinical depression.

The following stream includes articles that track the story of the Salazar murder and the individuals from the world of combat sports who are alleged to have been involved.

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