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MMA Squared: Three distinct eras in the evolution of Alistair Overeem



Hello, this is Chris and welcome to MMA Squared. Today we look back at the evolution of Alistair Overeem, whose career can be divided into three distinct eras.

Stage 1, Overeem: in his earliest form the lanky young fighter allowed his management to market him as The Demolition Man where his foam sledgehammer fit in perfectly with the flamboyant pageantry of PRIDE FC.

While young Alistair could not quite crack the elite level 205lb fighters, he did develop a repertoire of knees and guillotine that would remain vital throughout his career.

Stage 2: Ubereem a steady diet of horse meat saw the once lithe fighter morph to superhero proportions. He terrorized every organization outside the UFC, simultaneously holding belts in Strikeforce, Dream, and K1.

The Ubereem era however, was not sustainable. After eviscerating Brock Lesnar, a particularly brutal loss to Bigfoot Silva put a spotlight on Overeem’s arrogant in-cage demeanor and set the Dutchman on a 1 and 3 losing skid. Could he hang in the big show?

Stage 3: Econoreem. A new, sniper-style approach combined with a move to Jackson/Wink brought a more svelte physique and a final streak of masterful performances. The crowning moment: finishing Junior Dos Santos with a left hook reminiscent of the former champ’s KO of Gilbert Yvel.

Thank you Alistair, for almost 20 years of fights. It’s been a long strange trip and it’s unlikely we’ll see another like you for some time. Swing the hammer one more time.

MMA Squared is brought to you by Combat Wombat. Look for the shirt at Cotton Bureau this holiday season. As always this is Chris @RiniMMA take care of yourself and I’ll talk to you next week.

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