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MMA Squared: How to market Gustafsson in the Jones rematch



Hello, this is Chris and welcome to MMA Squared. Today we think about how the UFC could market Alexander Gustafsson in his rematch with Jon Jones. The first fight was one of the sport’s greatest with Jones pushed to the absolute limit until a spinning elbow turned the tide in his favor.

The UFC could focus on how Gustafsson felt like he had won that fight and the symbolic tattoo of wins & losses on his right arm with voiceover while a slow motion punch lands on Jones.

And then pause the punch, slowly zoom in on the tattoo.

Closer and closer, as we see something strange in one of the triangles…

Bah gawd… that’s Jon Jones’ face!

Then pull back out with the face in the triangle into a poster.

Take advantage of this combination of the greatest fighter ever, one of the greatest fights ever, and a guy who writes his fight-life story on his body, because…iiiiiitttt’s TIME! Do what you like UFC, just don’t ever do that DID I MENTION HOW TALL THEY ARE? thing again.

This is a commission I made years ago and then the client had it made into a watch. Super cool.

As always, MMA Squared is brought to you by Combat Wombat, and expression of marsupial violence known…. somewhere. You can find me on twitter @RiniMMA or Take care of yourself and I’ll talk to you next week.

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