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MMA Squared: GSP’s Top 5 options for 2019



Welcome to MMA Squared. Georges St. Pierre could still make an octagon appearance in 2019. These are my top 5 picks, weighing risk vs reward in a very specific order.

5. Anderson Silva. The ship has sailed. If they’d fought it back when both guys ruled their divisions, it could have been a legacy defining fight. In 2019 it’s a lose/lose situation for GSP. Either he beats a Out-of-the-Matrix Spider, or potentially gets embarrassed by an Old Spider.

4. Ben Askren. It’s impossible to know how Ben’s Funky UFC Times will unfold. Segments of the fanbase know & respect Askren and he could be a great challenge. However, the timing isn’t quite right for maximum gain, and a loss would immediately be devastating.

3. Conor McGregor. Solid choice, great up$ide, & an opponent who will carry the promotional load. Potentially easy gameplan via the old GSP “fight to their weakness.” strategy. Downside is McGregor’s diminished in-cage stature after a few losses and the lack of belt on the line.

2. Khabib Nurmagomedov. A great fighting challenge, big legacy win, and an unprecedented third weight class title. Potential for the most respectful buildup and fight execution as neither guy enjoys trash talk promotion.

  1. Tyron Woodley. The Chosen One wants to take everything GSP has worked for: to be called The Welterweight GOAT. Both men are meticulous planners, and a win could have a tectonic impact on how future generations perceive Georges St. Pierre.

As always, MMA Squared is sponsored by COMBAT WOMBAT, an expression of marsupial violence known… somewhere. Take care of yourself and check out the FCC (Friday Caption Contest) tomorrow for the winners & a new picture.

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