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MMA Squared Ep 9: UFC 223 Aftermath



As the dust of UFC 223 settles and we look at our new champion, Khabib Nurmagomedov, I can’t help but feel like it came at a price.

Number One Gangster

When Tony Ferguson tripped over some cables, his Interim Lightweight Title ceased to exist.

Aw jeez, sorry Mr. Cucuy!

Michael Chiesa, Ray Borg, and Alex Caceres weren’t paid “show money…”

They were paid as though they’d fought and lost.

When Dana White says that this is trending to be the biggest event since UFC 205, or that it pulled in a 3 million dollar gate, but then declines to pay injured fighters win bonuses, it makes some fans question where the company’s priorities lay.

The answer to that question is “We talked, it’s good.”

We’ll see if there are any long terms repercussions for those involved.

That bus will never be the same

In the words of Max Holloway, who almost saved the day: It Is What It Is

Thanks for reading this latest (and somewhat somber) episode of MMA Squared. Next week will be much more upbeat, I’m sure of it.


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