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MMA Squared Ep 16: Why won’t Dana promote the fighters?



Hello. This is Chris. Welcome to MMA Squared, and today we want to know:

He’s definitely been training a lot of “throw them under the bus” technique. That move is K-1 level.

We used to be able to count on him at least pushing the champs for each division.

That rhetoric has died down and been replaced by… not much of anything.

I’ve got a sad theory as to why that is, so let’s go through the divisions and do a little assessment of his promotional relationship with each champ in the men’s divisions.

Now that Dana is aging out of his desired audience demographic, have his own fighters become unrelatable?

Heavyweight: Stipe Miocic sat out for more money, and then wouldn’t even let Dana put the belt on him after breaking the all-time HW defense record.

Light Heavyweight: The only time Dana shows any enthusiasm for Daniel Cormier is when he’s fighting Jon Jones.

Middleweight: Do you even think Dana could pick out Robert Whittaker in a police lineup?

This is Bobby Knuckles, right?

Welterweight: We’d have to set aside an entire episode to cover everything about Tyron Woodley. To be fair, at least all the trash talk keeps T-Wood’s name in the headlines.

Googling just their names together comes up with headline quotes ‘full of shit’ ‘no one wants to see you fight’ and ‘it was just horrible’

Lightweight: To be fair, Khabib Nurmagomedov is the one bright spot in terms of promotional enthusiasm.

Featherweight: The jury is still out on Max Holloway. Maybe we’ll go to Hawaii (they won’t), Brian Ortega is pretty exciting.

Bantamweight: The apathy shown towards this division is Promotional Malpractice (copyright Luke Thomas), it has the best Trilogy of Violence since Fedor Emelianenko, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, and Mirko Cro Cop. And what’s happening there? They hate TJ… after losing a razor thin decision to Dominick Cruz, they made him go through Raphael Assuncao and John “F—king” Lineker before getting another title shot.

Dear TJ, can I design your next shirt? It will be effing awesome like this.

The rematch that’s supposed to happen.

Instead he’s gotta fight Cody again.

Flyweight: The worst thing Demetrious Johnson ever did was be the best fighter ever. The most profound thing Dana White has said about him in the past 12 months is that he wanted to sell of his entire division.

Dana may not love the fighters, but you know who does? COMBAT WOMBAT, bringing you MMA Squared every week. An expression of marsupial violence, known… somewhere.

Hey all, I’m working on having Combat Wombat shirts available next week so look out for that. Talk to me in the comments or on twitter. Thanks for your time.


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