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MMA celebrates Halloween: Pennywise, Ninja Turtles, Princess Leia, Negan and more




Today is Halloween, and plenty of fighters and other MMA notables are embracing the opportunity to dress up and celebrate the holiday.

Costumes from the past two years set the bar quite high, but the challenge was certainly met with all kinds of creative costumes.

Check below for the top Halloween costumes shared on social media.

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Haha, Happy Halloween Ya’ll… 🎃 There is a Beast inside of me! So what do I do with this dark masculine side with socially unacceptable powers… Whatever I want. I can be dangerous… but there is a reason you feel safe around me. Man and BEAST “It is the man that picks the mountain and the animal with-in that blazes the trail.” We are set apart from animals by language culture, rational thought. Yet biologically and otherwise we are still a member of that kingdom.” It is your animal nature, your wild side which burns off apathy in your life… Wills yourself to take risks, ravish, cherish and exalt. This BEAST is loving, freedom seeking, and creative. Have the courage to speak the darker truths, to love in a way that dismay, that madden, that matter. It is not loving to live unauthentically or speak falsely… Love yourself. Speak the truth… I will shock, liberate and create my world anew. One person, one fight, one revolution, one passionate love at a time And if you get in my way… The law of the jungle, where the strong eat the weak. I am A BEAST, and I love and protect my people. I wrote this and barrowed some awhile ago when I was going through a lot of changes in life, trying to figure out how to restructure, how be more authentic as move through life. Grateful I can look back with mostly a smile. Matthew 7: 1-5 Just because demons are out, and it’s wisdom.

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