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Conor McGregor’s UFC 223 antics inspired some amazing fan art



UFC 223 ended up being one hell of a wild event thanks, in large part, to Conor McGregor’s wild Brooklyn rampage that saw him smash a bus window with a dolly at Barclays Center in Brooklyn last Thursday after learning that his arch-rival, Khabib Nurmagomedov, was one of the passengers on board. Accompanied by several of his friends and/or teammates, the group managed to cause enough damage to cancel two fights (Chiesa-Pettis and Borg-Moreno) because of bodily harm from broken glass, and a third fight was additionally canceled—Artem Lobov vs. Alex Caceres—due to Lobov’s alleged involvement in the skirmish.

In the aftermath, McGregor was arrested, Khabib Nurmagomedov won the undisputed lightweight title, Tony Ferguson is wondering if he can still call himself the interim champion since he was never officially stripped, Ali Abdelaziz raged on the MMA Hour about coaches and fighters he would slap around, and somewhere, Nate Diaz lit up a fattie and observed everything from up on Mount High.

Wild, outlandish incidents like these often inspire creativity, and one young artist let her creativity shine bright in the form of a fantastic comic strip. You will notice several familiar faces from last week’s “Dolly Takes the Bus” incident. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Tasha Vieira has been whipping up graphics for several years and just happens to be responsible for the Three Amigos Podcast logos and several product graphics for businesses both in and outside the MMA community. She’s really outdone herself this time, though. See for yourself, and check out more of her portfolio via her Instagram,

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