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BE’s Baddest Greatest Light Heavyweight: #4 Alexander Gustafsson vs. #5 Ilir Latifi



The Iceman beat The Dean of Mean. Yep, Chuck Liddell took his revenge on Keith Jardine with a dominating 37-2 win, setting up another chance for BE’s Baddest redemption when he faces Rashad Evans next round.

Now enough of that. Because today is a big one folks. We are joined not by a mere mortal, but by one of the divine creatures of Bloody Elbow lore. Yes, it’s time for Ilir Latifi to enter the fray. But in a cruel twist of fate, his opponent is his countryman, his training partner, his friend, nay, his brother, Alexander Gustafsson. Obviously Latifi can win this, but will he lay down his sword and allow his brother the victory?

In order to vote, simply leave a comment. In the subject line make sure you follow these guidelines:

To vote for Alexander Gustafsson write: Vote – Gustafsson

To vote for Ilir Latifi write: Vote – Latifi

Voting is open for 24 hours, so get your votes in now.

Tournament bracket (click to enlarge):

BE Baddest Light Heavyweight Full Bracket

Tournament graphics provided by June M. Williams.

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