What really mattered at UFC Fight Night 141 in Beijing? Here are a few things …

1. Ngannou doing that thing he does

It’s been a while since we’ve seen this version of Francis Ngannou, the one who finishes fights the way a tsunami finishes small fishing villages. It took him all of 45 seconds to bat Curtis Blaydes around until referee Marc Goddard decided he’d seen enough. When it was over, you could see the joy and the relief wash over the big man’s face. After a very bad 2018 that saw him go from potential superstar to plummeting meteor, he got a very important win and halted the decline against a tough contender.

So does this mean Ngannou is officially back? Tough to say. We always knew he could do this, at least when he was in the right frame of mind. What remains to be seen is whether the other holes in his game have closed at all, because you know there’ll be some heavyweights eager to test his takedown defense. It’s not like anyone wants to stand toe-to-toe with this guy. Not if they don’t absolutely have to.